Welcome To The Midland County Sportsman's Club

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This is a members only club, we are not open to the public.

As of 10/13/2023 please do not send in any renewls, if we have not recieved your renewel you must register as a new member. 

Go to the NEW MEMBER page if you are interested in joining.

The club has been here for over 80 years.

Here you will find information on the club and club activities.


  • This beautiful club house was built in 1939
  • Many of the acvitities at the club include:
  • Pistol, both indoor and out door.
  • A rifle range with 25yd. 50 yd. 100yd. 200yd. and 300 yd.
  • 600 yd. range (must be certified)
  • Trap and Skeet
  • .22 Gallery Range
  • Archery Range

Our Mission: The Midland Sportsmans Club was established in 1932.

Our members work to:

Provide a safe place to conduct Shooting Sports
Teach others to properly handle firearms, as prescribed by the NRA, CMP, and Hunter Safety
Cooperate with the NRA and other Sportman's organizations to conserve our natural environment and wildlife
Protect and defend the right of our citizens to own and bear arms.