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4 years ago
Eric Baldwin
Great place to learn and practice to shoot. Wide variety of targets and ranges. Everyone we have met there has been welcoming and friendly.
Michigan Diver
I love this place.
Toby Menard
A group of very friendly and generous people who kindly offered me and my friends to try out their beautiful guns. Had a blast!
I have been a member here for quite a few years and it is always upgrading to make a pleasurable shooting trip, I usually make use of most of the different ranges each time I go unless it's just for some quick pistol time. The guest policy is also very good, sure I can't shoot vs them but I'm usually just showing them how to shoot and it's cheaper and much more convenient to do it here than to dri...
A good friend introduced me to the club and its many ranges recently. I had an absolute blast. Beautiful property. Love all the safety features. I will return
Jerry pfohl
Great place to shoot. always upgrading or updating things. if you are in to the sport of shooting you should join. Always someone friendly to help you out with advice
Josh Carey
I'm new to the sport of shooting, but my big brother (through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program) has taken me here a few times, and I really enjoy it.
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