MCSC New Member info

Welcome to the Midland County Sportsman's Club

To become a member, you must come to the new member meeting.

Apr. - Oct. on the 1st. Tuesday of each month @ 7pm.

Nov. - Mar. on the 1st Saturday of each month @ 9am.

Prior to being accepted for membership in the club, all prospective members will review the club rules, policies and procedures in person, at this meeting with a club official designated by the Board of Directors.

When the club official is confident the prospective member understands and intends to obey the rules, the club official will forward the prospective member’s
application for membership to the Board of Directors for review.

Membership shall be based on character and interest in conservation and
shooting sports, not such things as ethnic background, age, orientation or
Divisiveness will not be tolerated.

If you let your membership lapse, you will have to pay first year dues plus the initiation fee to rejoin. (You may also have to re-attend the new member orientation depending on how long your membership has lapsed).

If the spouse of a member wishes to use the club independently, then the spouse must attend the membership orientation and pay full dues. Otherwise the spouse must abide by the Guest Privilege rules.

What you will need:

Membership dues (See below). Cash or check.

Driver's license or State ID required.

Exact change is appreciated.
You will be requires to fill out a membership application at the meeting. You might bring an ink pin.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES ARE $80. (Sep. thou Aug. see prorates below)
There is a $40 one time initiation fee
There is also a one time $5 gate card fee. If you loose this card, you will have to buy a replacement for $5.

Total new member fee is $125 for first year. ($80 + $40 + $5)

All members pay same rate of $80 per year. (effective 2/13/12)

The membership year is from September 1st through August 31st.

When you join the MCSC, you pay full dues which entitles you to membership from the date you are accepted into the club though August 31st.

Between April 1st though August 31st, dues are prorated for the remainder of this membership year though August 31st of the following year.

The pro-rate amounts are:

April $5 + $60 + $40 + $80 for next year = $185
May $5 + $50 + $40 + $80 for next year = $175
June $5 + $40 + $40 + $80 for next year = $165
July $5 + $30 + $40 + $80 for next year = $155
August $5 + $10 + $40 + $80 for next year = $135

See you on the range.

Please review the range safety rules before going to membership meeting.

You can find the on the Information page.

Thank you for your interest in the MCSC

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